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All about my Cumberland Sausage.

I have been making Cumberland Sausage for about 25yrs, working to an old recipe handed down through the generations. I still use traditional methods and have stayed steadfastly to my principles of using only natural ingredients and selected cuts of pork. I will NOT be persuaded to add colouring or preservatives. OK so adding chemicals might make the product look more attractive, and give it a longer shelf life, but if its real Cumberland Sausage you are looking for, then I guess you don’t want any additives. I can guarantee that the sausage I make does not contain anything artificial.

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Most sausage available these days is produced using machinery to cut and mix the ingredients. I hand make the sausage myself, I cut the meat by hand and go to great lengths to ensure there is no gristle (you know, those bits associated with sausages which stick between your teeth) I do not employ anyone so consistency of product is maintained. I supply a few select customers, but mainly supply just friends and colleagues. I have been persuaded to send the occasional consignment by mail order. (This does prove a little expensive as I use a carrier who specialises in food transportation.)



If you want to know more about “Real Cumberland Sausage” and where you might be able to acquire some, then contact me. (details below)


In the near future I will be selling the sausage retail from a shop in Ulverston (South Cumbria). The shop is called “The Cumbrian Way” 3 Brogden Street Ulverston (opposite the indoor market). The shop is specialising in all things Cumbrian. Call in and have a browse.


I would like to express my gratitude to Martin and Helen at “The FarmshopBaycliffe. They have been so kind as to allow me to use their facilities. They are a superb organisation that has a chain of Butchers and Bakers in the Furness and South Cumbria area. They produce all their own products from cooked meats to home cured bacon. They have premises in Ulverston Indoor Market, Portland Walk Barrow, Walney Island, and the Farmshop itself at Baycliffe near Ulverston. Give them a try, you wont regret it. (They also do a nice line in Sausages too)



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